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Type X -- Coal Washing Machine and Air Chamber Jig Under Sieve

The Coal Washing Equipment is coal washing machine is used for sorting lumpy coal or ungraded raw coal.
The effect of Coal Washing Machine on raw coal:
1. Improve coal quality and reduce coal combustion pollutant emissions.
2. Improve coal utilization efficiency and save energy.
3. Reduce waste of production capacity.

Product Description

Coal Washing Machine Description

Fengwang provide coal washing machine, it is a air chamber jig under sieve, that used for the separation of lump coal or unclassified raw coal. In view of the status of coal in the global energy framework and the reasonable environmental concerns associated with it, the technology for producing clean coal is essential to achieve efficient energy production and reduce environmental footprint. This is why coal washing machine comes in.

Why use Coal Washing Machine for raw coal?

Coal from coal mines is a complex material mixture with multiple physical properties. In addition to the coal itself, the mixture also contains rocks, sand and various minerals. Therefore, coal must be cleaned before it is sold to consumers. The cleaning process includes a series of steps, and finally produces products that are particularly suitable for specific consumer needs. The earliest of these steps is crushing and classification, these two processes can reduce coal to the form required by consumers.

coal washing machine improves its coal cleaning process and quality, thus increasing its price. Coal washing techniques also helps reduce emissions from combustion.

The effect of Coal Washing Machine on raw coal

1. Improve coal quality and reduce coal combustion pollutant emissions

2. Improve coal utilization efficiency and save energy

3. Reduce waste of production capacity

How does Coal Washing Machine wash coal?

There are two main methods for washing coal, one is density separation, and the other is froth flotation. Both processes depend on the fact that the particles from which the coal sample is made have different densities. For example, when water is added to the sample, the particles will sink to different depths according to their density. In this way, the various components of the sample can be separated from each other.

The process flow of coal washing is as follows:

Coal allocation → coal selection → coal crushing → coal washing → impurity removal → qualified coal

How is our coal washing machine used in coal washing?

Air chamber jig under the screen is used for sorting lumpy coal or ungraded raw coal. The coal washing machine through the air valve by the compressed air into a certain frequency, discharge of air chamber, to form the body within the medium pulse movement, mixed ore grain in the movement of the medium, according to the different proportion by sorting, choose refined into coal gangue, coal and coal respectively, jig tub is made up of gangue and coal, according to the material ratio of sequence arrangement, USES the automatic discharge device. There are LTX series and X series of air chamber jig under the sieve produced by our company. There are left and right two types of design (along the direction of coal flow, the wind valve in the left for the left type, vice versa for the right type).

Coal Washing Machine

Coal Washing Machine

We also supply high quality equipment for coal washing plants, such as vibrating screen, vibration feeder, slurry pump(ZJ series slurry pump, AH series slurry pump, ZGB series slurry pump), filter press, box-type filter press and so on.

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Coal Washing Machine Structural Features:

1. The body of standard length can be adopted, and the combination shape can be selected as required.

2. Coal washing techniques--The use of CNC pneumatic valve, high degree of automation for Coal Washing Machine.

3. Coal cleaning methods--double amplitude pulsed water flow, good stratification effect of bed, high cleaned coal yield.


Purpose of Coal Washing Machine

1.Reduce water and energy-intensive coal production

The coal washing program includes factory installation and independent modules to optimize beneficiation capacity. In other words, this means technologies that maximize ore recovery rates while using less water, energy or other consumables in the process.

Another important feature is water conservation. By enhancing water conservation, zero discharge of wastewater, and reducing carbon emissions, this solution helps to achieve a more sustainable process.

2.More sustainable processes help reduce operating costs

In order to meet the needs of our customers for greater flexibility and efficiency in terms of sustainability. Our philosophy is to provide a comprehensive solution for the industry.

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