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Production Capacity Of Vibrating Screen

Mar. 11, 2021

Production Capacity Of Vibrating Screen

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The more products you plan to sort, the more surfaces you need to filter. The most immediate symptom of a screen that is too small is that its effectiveness is reduced because it cannot let so many particles pass through the holes.

On the other hand, the smaller the size to be sorted, the more surface is required, because the smaller the hole, the less the number of products that can pass.

Vibration frequency of vibrating screen

As a general rule for large classification, low-frequency and large-amplitude vibrations are best, while fine-classified high-frequency and small-amplitude vibrations are best. In other words, if the particle is large, a slow and wide movement is better, in this case the particle jumps are few but large, if it is small, it is smaller than many jumps but smaller. This is a problem that the particles do not pass through several single jump holes.

The importance of correct feeding

In the screen, as in any sorter, it is necessary to use the width of the entire work surface from the beginning. If the product falls on the screen surface "piled", the particles at the top of the pile will not touch the screen or the screening element until the pile is vibrated and disappears. When this happened, it had already crossed half of the earth's surface. In other words, we wasted the surface and caused a very important production loss. At the same time, the area where the piles are located will also be severely worn, and additional maintenance costs will follow. It also increases the risk of clogging, especially for low-density products, if the pile is much higher. This is meaningless, it is impossible to accept for correct screening.

This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the implementation and design of the pipes that dump the product on the screen, and use auxiliary means such as vibrating distributors when necessary.

Good screen and bad screen

A good vibrating screen must be reliable, minimize wear and maintenance, and have strong vibration like any vibrating screen: the more vibrating, the better, that is, the higher the production efficiency.

On the other hand, most "bad" screens are not really bad, but not suitable for use: if the product is wet and sticky, it will stick to the metal screening element instead of the polyurethane screen. If dry and fine, the screen should be dust-proof. If you are screening large and heavy particles, the screen should be very strong. If it is very sturdy and used with a good product, it will consume more power and maintenance costs than required.

The combinations are endless, and a good choice, suitable for use at the beginning, will save the user from having to remember this machine again in his life, or at least until he needs to install another screen.

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