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Coal Dewatering Screen Functioning Principle and Features

Jan. 12, 2022

A coal dewatering screen is a type of screening equipment created for dewatering, desliming, and degritting of slurry materials. It is extensively used in coal sludge dewatering, stress filtering separation, dewatering, healing of excellent materials, and so on coal dewater screen.

Just How Coal Dewatering Screen Work

The coal dewatering screen takes on double electric motor self-synchronization technology, general eccentric block, and flexible amplitude vibration exciter.

The coal dewatering screen is primarily composed of a screen box, vibratory exciter, support group, and motor. When working, both unconnected actuators are driven by belt combinings to run synchronously and also backward. The centrifugal pressures produced by the two teams of eccentric blocks are superimposed along the vibration direction and neutralized by reverse centrifugation, forming a single fired-up vibration along with the vibration instructions, which makes the screen box move back as well as forth in a straight line.

The sludge going into the coal dewatering screen changes the surface area water stress through the exciting pressure. The slurry water travels through the screen to become the material under the screen. In contrast, the screen panel blocks the fine material to create a filter layer to progress and discharge intoxicated of vibration pressure.

Coal Dewatering Screen Applications

Coal dewatering screen has a variety of exceptional properties and functions of average dewatering screen and accepts thickeners for dry discharge of tailings, which is the best equipment for dewatering and dry discharge of tailings presently. A coal dewatering screen is generally used to classify the tool and refined materials, with a large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.

Coal Dewatering Screen Features

1. Practical framework, suppleness and toughness, reduced noise, and practical maintenance.

2. The slime is dewatered and recovered extensively, and the use effect is excellent.

3. Lightweight, hassle-free disassembly and setting up easy maintenance, and low production price.

4. Little volume and large processing capacity, convenient for the layout of the coal washing plant.

5. The framework of the screen panel is a modular design, and it is convenient to change.

6. Compared with the use of detailed coal sludge filters, filter press, and working out filter centrifuge systems, the coal dewatering screen saves a lot of financial investment.

Straight Linear Motion Vibrating Screen

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