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How To Choose The Right Pump For Coal Washer?

Jun. 04, 2021

The main reasons for coal washing are to reduce the transportation cost, reduce the ash content to improve the efficiency of power plant and reduce the generation of harmful gases to protect the environment. In addition, a large number of power plant ash has caused a major disposal problem, which can be better replaced by landfill excavation area, in the mine cleaning and disposal of washing waste.

1>What is coal washing?

Coal from mines is a complex mixture of materials with various physical properties. In addition to the coal itself, the mixture contains rocks, sand and various minerals. Therefore, coal must be cleaned before it is sold to consumers. Coal washing is accomplished through one of two main processes, namely density separation or froth flotation. Both processes depend on the fact that the particles from which the coal samples are made have different densities. 

Coal washing equipment

2>The crushing operations in the coal preparation plant mainly have the following requirements:

1) Adapt to the requirements of the selected particles; the coal particles that can be processed by the selected machinery have a certain range, and the large pieces exceeding this range must be crushed before being washed; 2) Some coals are quickly caught by coal and vermiculite. Yancoal, in order to select clean coal from it, needs to be broken into smaller particles to separate coal from tantalum coal; 3) to meet the user’s particle requirements and to quickly crush the selected product or coal to certain particle size. The material is crushed mainly by mechanical methods, and there are several main methods such as crushing, chopping, breaking, crushing and grinding.

3>Choose the right pump for coal washing plant

In the process of mining coal, up to 50% of the extracted material may be waste. This stone material must be removed from the coal before processing. Coal processing plants clean coal while crushing and grading coal. An important factor in the operation of a coal processing plant is to provide water for the coal preparation plant and then remove the abrasive waste water. The resulting waste water is still muddy and abrasive mud, full of pulverized coal, coal balls and dirt. This waste water needs a mud pump to move it.

It is very important to use the professional mud pump, because the mud has strong abrasiveness, which will soon wear the ordinary pump. The mud pump has a replaceable lining, all wear parts are made of wear-resistant materials, usually rubber or high chromium, but elastomers, stainless steel and ceramics can also be used. Mud pumps have wider tolerances to allow solids to pass through, which makes them less efficient, but more durable than pumps, and their casings and bearings are stronger, so these pumps are larger and heavier, requiring more horsepower to operate.

The centrifugal horizontal slurry pump is the most common type, while the shaft of the vertical slurry pump is located in the water, which is usually used to pump water out of the sump. For low flow applications, cam pumps or peristaltic pumps can be used to deliver mud. Care must be taken when choosing more efficient pumps; Sometimes the effect of wear can quickly weaken this efficiency, resulting in a higher life cost than a pump with a lower apparent efficiency.

ZGB series slurry pump: modern CAD design, excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency, low wear rate, large flow rate, multi - span, multi - stage series, mainly used for power, metallurgy, mining conveying corrosive slurry,Especially used in power plant ash.

ZJ series slagging pump: is a new generation of high-efficiency single-stage, single-suction, centrifugal slagging pump with corrosive slurry containing solid particles.Overall performance of the domestic leading level, with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

AH series slurry pump is horizontal, vertical open type, double pump shell structure. Wide performance, good cavitation, long service life, high operating efficiency, mainly suitable for conveying strong corrosion, high concentration of slag slurry or low density, low corrosion of high lift slurry. 

slurry pump

The basic factors to be considered when selecting a pump include: What is the required head and velocity? How far does the water need to be pumped? What kind of dirty water is actually pumped - turbid or containing heavy solids? Friction loss due to piping configuration should also be considered.

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