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The Relationship Between Slurry Pump Life And Correct Use(1)

Jan. 30, 2021

The Relationship Between Slurry Pump Life And Correct Use(1)

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Slurry pumps are widely used due to their low energy consumption and high efficiency. Because of the different usage habits and maintenance methods of various manufacturers, the service life of the pump is different.

1. Reasons for wear of slurry pump

The impeller, guard plate, volute and other parts are the main parts of the slurry pump, and are also the most easily worn parts. Frequent maintenance is required in daily work. By consulting the information and combining the actual situation on the site, the reasons for the wear of the slurry pump can be divided into:

1.1 Erosion

In the normal operation of the slurry pump, the slurry (tailings) impacts the surface of the impeller, guard plate, volute and other parts at a fast speed, causing damage to the pump. Cutting, deformation fatigue and cutting deformation composite wear are three manifestations of erosion wear. The difference lies in the different wear surfaces of failed parts.

1.2 Cavitation

During the operation of the slurry pump, cavitation is prone to occur at the part behind the impeller inlet. When the absolute pressure of the pumped slurry is less than or equal to the vaporization pressure at the site temperature, some of the liquid in the slurry will vaporize. Thereby forming bubbles. When these bubbles flow with the slurry, they will shrink sharply to collapse when they reach the high pressure. After the bubbles have condensed and disappeared, the slurry will quickly fill the pores and strongly impact the conditional surface, causing a part of the pump surface material to fatigue and peel off, and finally causing wear.

1.3 Abrasion

Pharmaceutical additives make the slurry delivered by the slurry pump acidic or alkaline. Such slurry will inevitably corrode the impeller, guard plate, volute and other flow parts of the slurry pump. Abrasion is the combined effect of corrosion and erosion.

In addition to the above three types of wear mechanisms, the service life of the slurry pump is also related to the casting material and design structure of the pump itself.

2. Correct use of slurry pump

(1) When the pump is about to stop running, it should run for a period of time with clean water to remove the slurry in the pipeline to prevent materials from depositing in the feed pipe and volute, otherwise the following situations will occur:

(a) The pump is crushed and cannot be started when it is used again.

(b) Larger shaking will occur when restarting, because the deposited material produces eccentric force during the rotation of the impeller.

(c) The sedimented material blocks the feed pipe.

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